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ISIS Steps Up Attacks On Christians Globally:  Coptic Christians In Egypt Next Victims

Source: World Events and the Bible WEB Notes: You see what is happening? “ISIS” is attacking Christians all over the globe now. It has been going on in the middle east for years. Now the Philippines are being invaded and of course it is the Christians who are being attacked.

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ISIS Steps Up Attacks On Christians Globally: Coptic Christians In Egypt Next Victims


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BREAKING LIVE Aleppo: South Aleppo , info to me SAA & Allies capture a town Kerbet Al-Zowarry near Albonjeara Hill south Aleppo CS.

Military Map UPDATE west aleppo SAA & Allies control of the suburb_al_Assad and Mniyan.!!

BREAKING !! SAA led by Hezbola and Tiger Forces liberated the Dahiet al-Assad district acc. field reporters / WesternAleppo

BREKING Aleppo: Military Map now, SAA have full control on Dahiyat al-Assad.!! URA URA URA !!

Erdogan criminal !!

Minyan & part of industrial area liberated by SAA & Allies 2 schools in al-Assad suburb liberated too.! Now terrorists forced to evacuate area.!!

Participating Groups who cleanse West Aleppo from terrorists.!!

With capture of Dahiyet al-Assad & Carton Factory, SAA & allies would have reversed all gains made by JF during both Aleppo offensives

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